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Star-fangled nuts, the bits that help apply tension to
threadless headset bearings aren’t the most well engineered products around. Bashing
a bit of metal into a tube and getting it to stay there by means of digging-in isn’t
the cleverest way of doing things. Azonic were the first people to release an alternative
with their Head Lock system – a long steel allen bolt that fitted in the steerer
tube and clamped everything securely. So securely you could happily crush your headset
bearings, cups and probably the headtube with the spec of materials they used.

USE have released a newer, lighter version of thisalternative threadless headset
clamp. Called the SAFE T the design consists of a long threaded rod (curiously
the same size as USEs wheel QRs) which threads into a cap at the base of the steerer
tube. A flat rubber washer (not an O ring) that USE put there to add friction. Trouble
is it also does a good job of sealing water in there too.

The top cap has the rod threaded and glu…bonded into place. A 5mm hex key hole
is provided to apply tension.

Three spacers (10mm, 5mm, 3mm) are also supplied, and must be some of the nicest
spacers around. All laser etched and lovely.

We’re going to be testing the SAFE T over the next few weeks and we’ll report back
on its useage. For now, it’s available at all USE dealers nationwide.

Details: USE 01798 343443 or email: FACE=”Arial”>