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Shimano XTR 2011 arrives for testing

Shimano XTR 2011 arrives for testing

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Shimano XTR 2011
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Shimano XTR 2011

I opened the latest large box to arrive in the Bikemagic office not entirely sure what its opening would unveil, not big enough to be a mountain bike nor small enough to be some more winter clothing. It turned out to be a complete Shimano XTR groupset.

Here then is Shimano’s answer to the technological onslaught from SRAM. New XTR groupsets don’t come along all that often and represents the pinnacle of Shimano’s current development. There’s no electronic wizardry going on here like with the top road groupset, but maybe that will be coming with the next update?

But we digress. The important details with the latest XTR are that there’s two slightly different flavours, a 2×10 setup with super light brakes for the racers and a huge 300g weight drop over the previous XTR. Meanwhile for less racy applications a 3×10 setup with beefier brakes with cooling fins and new platform pedals, with weight increased by 160g.

This might seem like an odd decision for a groupset that has traditionally been aimed at skinny racers, but Shimano realised that there’s enough people wanting to run the lightest groupset available on their long travel full suspension trail bikes, so has sought to answer these requests.

Follow the links up above or the thumbnails down below to see the rest of the groupset.

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