New SRAM Gripshift Rocket

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ALIGN=”RIGHT” BORDER=”0″>Yesterday was spent in the workshop, then on the trails,
as we’ve managed to get a bunch of the new SRAM equipment for test. First fitted
to the editorial testbench (currently an Orange E4) was a set of the Rocket shifters,
which are the Shimano compatible Gripshift units that replace the Sachs units in
FACE=”Arial”>s line up (as far as we can tell).

They’ve come on loads in the last couple of years – the action was light and positive,
thanks to their dual-spring internals. The range of movement was small, which meant
that there was no need to release-regrip to change the full range of gears.

Biggest problem so far is that the long barrel of the shifter means you only run
a very short fixed grip section. SRAM might make one specially for the job, but our
cut-down Orange grips didn’t work well when they were half their original length.

We’ll persevere with the grip thing, as the shifting is so good there must be a way
round this somehow.We’ll keep you informed… WIDTH=”283″ HEIGHT=”168″ ALIGN=”LEFT” BORDER=”0″>