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Magura MT8 disc brake revealed

Two years in development, Magura’s new MT8 disc brakes promise to be the company’s lightest brakes it has yet produced.

Magura has developed Carbotecture, a material with a high number of carbon fibres embedded in a thermoplastic matrix which is then injection moulded using a Carbolay process for the levers and Carbontecture for the full-carbon master cylinder.

Here’s what the official blurb says about the material: “It is only half the weight of aluminium and yet has tremendous tensile strength, somewhere between aluminium and steel. This makes it extremely resistant to impact and fracture. It has the highest fatigue strength under completely reversed alternating stresses of all known component materials. Its power-to-weight ratio (tensile strength/density) is twice as high as that of aluminium or magnesium and six times higher than that of steel or die-cast zinc.”

Availability is expected spring 2011. More information when we get it… In the meantime point your browser at www.www.mission-performance.com for some more info.

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