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Continental Rubber Queen 2.2 UST tyre review

Continental Rubber Queen 2.2 UST tyre review

The Continental Rubber Queen is a confidence-inspiring tyre that works well in a range of conditions making it a great general use trail tyre.

A big volume 2.2 tyre

This is the second generation Rubber Queen and Continental have hit the nail on the head even if they have persisted with the rather, er, interesting name. The tread pattern comprises reasonably well spaced angular and siped blocks that find high levels of traction through the full range of wheel angles. From good straight line speed to planted cornering, it constantly delivers.

Perhaps its best trait is how well it copes in a variety of trail conditions. And in the UK at this time of year, that’s a good thing. From dry to gloopy and everything in between, it hooks up up securely all the time. The side paddle central knobs make the tyre particularly good under heavy braking making it easy to quickly scrub off speed.

This tread pattern works well everywhere

We tested the 2.2in UST version, which weighs a claimed 800g; our scales showed it to be over a couple of grams over that, but that’s not unusual for tyres. That’s a comparable weight to other tyres in this category like the Specialized Purgatory and Schwalbe Hans Dampf.

There’s a similarity of handling with the Mountain King tyre , with a clear sharing of tread design. The Mountain King is a good fast cross-country/trail tyre but if you’re looking for a tyre with a bit more volume that will stand up to more aggressive riding, the Rubber Queen is a natural choice.

We tested the UST tubeless version

The Rubber Queen is available with a wire bead at £16.95 and with a claimed weight of 805g is a great choice if you’re on a budget. It would be our pick of the range. There are also Black Chilli and UST versions, both costing £50, and a a 29in version with a weight of 950g.


A great all-round big volume tyre that just works all of the time in a variety of conditions. A good fit-and-forget tyre, and a good choice for enduro racing.


Great tread pattern
Works in many conditions
Good all-round versatility



Weight: 790g

Continental Rubber Queen 2.2 UST tyre

What Continental says about the Rubber Queen

Soft compound freerider
Apex reinforced sidewall protects and stabilizes at heavy lean angles
2.2 version for demanding trail riders

  1. Bazza

    Awesome tyre!
    Run these on my Spesh Enduro on Stans Flow with Pro2 Evo’s.

    Stuck the wheel+tyre combo on my Rockhopper to do the BHF London to Brighton off-road last Saturday – being such a tall/high-volume tyre it made the back-end more comfortable. And due to the increased circumference, improved my gearing.

    It’s worth noting that *if* you can fit these on your frame, then you’ll end up with a tyre+wheel combo that is actually slightly bigger than a 650 setup!! But, without needing to change frames+forx.

    Don’t be put off by the name. Buy these now. Run them as UST. The Black Chilli compound is awesome!

  2. Matt Crook

    sadly their called Trail Kings in the US now :( I’ve been on the 2.4s for a couple of years (non-UST on the front, UST on the back, both tubeless) and they’re awesome. They absorb a lot of trail chunder, hook up amazingly in a wide range of conditions and wear relatively well. The weight compared to a 2.2 tyre is noticeable, particularly on fireroad climbs or in tight singletrack (transitions and acceleration), but the tradeoff on rocky trails is worth it. The only condition I’ve found they struggle in is muddy off-camber side grip on the front, although most tyres struggle there :)
    I’m currently trying to decide between another Rubber Queen or a Mountain King and 2.2 vs. 2.4!


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