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Bontrager XR-Mud & 29-Mud TLR tyres - just in

Bontrager XR-Mud & 29-Mud TLR tyres - just in

The weather has been a bit all over the place at the moment, and a quick glance at the BBC’s weather forecast for this weekend reveals that the weather for the final Gorrick XC race might actually be a bit nice.

So these brand new mud tyres that have just arrived from Bontrager can stay in the box. At least for a while longer. But when the mud arrives, we’ll be ready. We’ve received the 26in and 29in versions of the tyre, with an identical carcass design and tread pattern shared across the two sizes.

29er adopters haven’t had much choice in tyres, let along mud-specific tyres. That’s all starting to change though as tyre manufacturers rush to increase their offering of 29er tyres, and it’s good to see that Bontrager are one of those brands. This is one of the few mud tyre options out there at the moment.

It looks very much like a mud tyre should. A classic spike tread pattern is used with a cross-hatched sipes across the tops of the blocks, with good space between to avoid clogging. They’re tubeless-ready and the 26in tyres come in 1.8in and 2in widths, while the 29in tyre is only available in 2in.

We’re intrigued by the sentence on the packaging, “trimmable knobs for custom performance” which we feel is something we’re going to have to try out!

So they look good based upon our first look. We’ve only ever heard very good things about Bontrager’s mud tyres. Now we just need to wait for the rains to come so we can get them fitted and test them out. Watch out for our verdict soon.

Each tyre costs £32.99. More info at

  1. Marcus Dyson

    What part of the Mohave are you writing from? Ground conditions (where I am at least) have required mud tyres for weeks now. In fact this year has provided wet brown sticky stuff aplenty, all summer long. My bike is downstairs right now caked in sh*t from the ride in to work this morning.

    The last time you have to wait for the weather to review mud tyres in the UK was the “long hot summer” of 1976!

    Any chance of letting us know the weights and prices of these beasties for those of us wanting some tyres before you get your lazy asses out to find some mud.

  2. David Arthur

    “What part of the Mohave are you writing from? ” If only Marcus!

    We’re based in the UK, and we’re pretty close to needing mud tyres

    No problem on the weight and prices, will add those


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