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Alligator Cables Aries disc rotor review

Alligator Cables Aries disc rotor review

You can save quite a lot of weight by upgrading your disc rotors. At just 76g for a 160mm rotor the Alligator Aries disc rotor is one of the easiest upgrades you can make if you’re looking to shed a few more grams from your bike.

A 160mm Alligator Aries disc rotor weighs just 76g

There’s quite a saving to be had. As a benchmark, a Shimano Deore XT rotor of the same size, weighs in the region of 136g. The Aries is 60g lighter, so a front and rear set constitutes a 120g saving. That’s a substantial weight saving for not a lot of money.

Alligator disc rotors come in a few different styles and nine colours including a regular pattern as used by most disc brake manufacturers. We tested the distinctive Aries which has a nice wavy design and drew admiring glances when we lined up on a start line of a cross-country race.

Painted white rotors look snazzy

Performance is what matters with disc brakes though, more than looks. The Aries rotors were comparable to the rotors they replaced, once they had bedded in. We noticed a real increase in performance after at least one ride of decent length. We detected no degradation in performance, and their design dissipates heat as well as the XT rotors they replaced.

If you’re worried about them being flimsy, we’ve pushed them really hard and they’ve turned out to be really strong and robust.

An easy and affordable weight saving

Saving weight on your disc rotors might not be the most obvious of upgrades but with their excellent performance and range of style and colours, and reasonable cost, Alligator Aries disc rotors are a worthwhile upgrade.

Available with a six-bolt fitting and in three sizes, 160, 180 and 203mm.


If weight is really important to you these are an essential upgrade over heavy stock disc rotors and even let you personalise your bike while you’re at it.


Great performance
Choice of styles and colours
Very Light
Good price


None that we can think of

Price: £16.94 each

More information: Alligator Cables disc rotors
UK importer: Mount Zoom

  1. Matt Crook

    my brakes are the last place I would want to save weight. Tyres, rims, yes, brakes, no. If you’re a fly weight and don’t use your brakes much, you probably won’t notice any difference. If you’re 200lbs+ and ride descents long and steep enough to start bluing your rotors, I’d avoid these like the plague. I can tell the difference in heat dissipation between the latest Avid rotors and XT, and those Avid rotors make these ones look beefy.

  2. Chris Hodge

    I bought a pair of these a while ago (alligator 160mm in orange)performance wise they were great, never fading, they seem to make a bit of a cool noise under breaking, they seem to wear the pads quicker than standard Avid ones, my biggest grip was they warped, one of them a little bit whih was tolerable but the other had to be manipulated to stop it rubbing and never looked quite right, it buckled on more than one occasion with no impacts that i am aware of and my riding habits re generally 8 to 30 mile XC rides on an orange hardtail with the odd long distance all day or 24hr event so NOT downhill, stopped using them recently because i broke the bike up but they certainly stopped well, hope that helps


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