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SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”>Mountain bike videos are developing an annoying formulaic quantity.
Fast editing and grunge rock or whatever, interspersed with “humourous”

The Dirt Riders ’99 is a compilation put together by SSM Freesports, of the 1999
BMB RAV4 DH and DS series. It features all the rounds with rider interviews cut between
the competition.

It’s not bad. Either as a catch-up to see what happened on the circuit this year,
or as a momento if you were there.

Highlights include the Crawford Carrick-Anderson interview – a star in the making
without a doubt. Lowlights include the “Mad” Matt Farmer interview – as
he tries his best to convince you that he’s a crazy dude. Yawn.

Run time is a fair-enough 61minutes, and though there are only a few “rewind-that-and-see-it-again”
moments, for anyone with an interest in the UK racing scene this is an essential
to have on the shelf.

Price: £14.99

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