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Oakley's London 2012 official eyewear range revealed

Oakley's London 2012 official eyewear range revealed

With London 2012 fast approaching, eyewear brand Oakley has today launched their official eyewear collection to commemorate the Games.

The collection includes two Team GB performance styles, Radar and Flak Jacket, and two London 2012 active-lifestyle models, Fuel Cell and Scalpel.

As well as the unique colour combinations the range of specially commissioned eyewear exhibit, each will feature the Team GB or London 2012 logo etched into the lens.

“All four products utilise Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics to offer the ultimate clarity and protection, Plutonite lenses for unrivalled visibility and UV protection, plus the unbeatable comfort of a lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frame.”

The collection is available now from or certain retailers.

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