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Nuun hydration tablet range expands to 11 flavours

Nuun hydration tablet range expands to 11 flavours

Nuun are celebrating ten years in the electrolyte tablets business with the launch of five new flavours.

Grape, tropical, strawberry lemonade, lemon team and fruit punch take the range to 11 flavours

The range expands to 11 flavours with the introduction of strawberry lemonade, grape, lemon tea, fruit punch and tropical, while lemon and lime, tri-berry, citrus fruit, orange, kona cola and banana complete the line-up.

Each Nuun tablet contains less than six calories and has no sugar. Pop it into a 500ml bottle of water and it’ll dissolve in a couple of minutes, with the idea that that it replaces the electrolytes you lose through sweating, helping to reduce headaches, cramping and fatigue. Nuun also say the light taste “fuels the subconscious drive to drink.”

Each tube costs £6 and contains 12 tablets. We’ve received a tube of each flavour to test so we’ll let you know how they taste.

  1. Dave Andrews

    This is a great product. Used them on the C2C and they taste good and really work. The tablet form means easy storage too, and it pretty much works out cheaper than other options (apart from super cheap supermarket isotonic drinks). A product I really recommend.

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