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MyTinySun Sport 900X LED light

MyTinySun Sport 900X LED light

MyTinySun Sport 900X LED light  £165.83

German-based MyTinySun might not be the most familiar name in the mountain bike lighting game, but their high build standard and impressive lumen output is good enough to make them worthy of consideration if you’re in the market for some new lights.

The Sport 900X comes in a hard plastic case, the separate components neatly and tidily placed in protective foam. For packing bike kit away for a weekend of riding or a 24-hour race, it’s a nice tough; makes transporting your expensive lights safer.

A single Cree XM-L punches out up to 1000 lumens into the night sky. Four power modes let you meter out the juice from the small battery, with a claimed 4 hours on the brightest mode sounding really good. The mode selector button, a rubber circle button on the rear of the lamp unit, also acts as a battery level indicator with four levels.

The lamp unit is a neatly CNC-machined unit and is anodised, so its appearance it first class. It’s light too at just 110g, which makes it a good candidate for helmet mounting.

General build quality throughout, and secure power lead connections are all reassuringly solid. If you’re worried about how the light will stand up to the current weather or constant rain, the light, battery and connections are waterproof to IP67 standards.

Inside the box are a bar and helmet mount, plus an extension lead should you opt for the later. A two year warranty comes with the light also.

It’s a serious bit of kit and offers top draw build and performance at a reasonable price. We’ve only had a limited play with it but that’s enough for us to come away very impressed. The beam pattern is well spread out with decent punch, as you would expect from a light rated to nearly 1000 lumens. A full review soon…

  1. Mike

    This looks like a promising light

    You say it’s good value for money, but fail to mention the price once.

  2. David Arthur

    £165 Mike. Thanks for pointing that out, not sure where the price vanished too when I copied from the Word document I typed this up in!

  3. Chris Smith

    I’ve only used the light on a couple of outings so far, but I’m very impressed with the build quality and brightness of the light. The headset is CNC machined from a block of aluminum and is well finished in black paint. Because the headset is made from aluminum, the whole unit acts as a heat sink, and during routine cycling remains cool when at 100% power output for several hours. However, when you’re stationary for 5 minutes or so, the light does become slightly warm to the touch.

    During my usage so far I’ve not noticed any drop off in light performance at 100% power output (quoted as 900 lumens by the manufacturer) over several hours continual use, but then the battery is ratted to 3 hours and 57 minutes of continual output at 100% by the manufacturer! This is one of the main reasons I opted for this light over competing models, as I wanted a light that could go the distance at 100% power output, rather than pretending to be a stadium flood light. But don’t be put off my the fact that this light is “only” 900 lumens, it is more than adequate for road use (it’s currently on my road bike). This is a light that you can definitely see with, opposed to a light to be seen by other road users. The throw of light is most concentrated at its center, rather than being completely evenly distributed, but it is still very bright at it’s edge.

    Under street bright street lighting you can make out the throw of the light, although it appears much fainter than on poorly lit streets or country lanes with no lighting. And this light really shines (if you’ll excuse the pun) in poorly lit areas. You’ll see those potholes and obstacles in the road a good 10-20m off, which is more than enough time to react in most situation.

    I can’t really comment on how this light would fair under off road conditions, as I’m not a MTB, CC or Dh rider. But, I imagine it should certainly do the job well enough. That said, going for the next one up would buy you some more distance in terms of how far you can see which might be useful.

    My only concern is that MagicShine don’t appear to stock spare batteries for the MyTinySun. I imagine this will probably chance in the future. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to and use google translate (if you don’t read German) and you can find spare batteries there for about EURO €90 (I didn’t look to see what the P&P was) for a 7.4V 5.4 AH, which is the same capacity as the battery it comes with.

    All in all, it seems to be a good piece of kit for the price and I would definitely recommend it to road users, commuters and anyone else who wants to see and be seen at night!


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