Six of the Best Mudguards for Winter Mountain Biking

Unless you like getting an eye full of mud, then you’ll be wanting to take precautions to stop mud flinging up from the front wheel into your face this winter. A front mudguard is the best way, and there are loads on the market offering a range of protection.

Cast aside any worries that a mudguard doesn’t look good on your bike, we’re seeking improved performance in the winter here and keeping the mud out of your eyes will let you ride faster when the trail gets boggy. There are plenty of choices on the market, as this roundup of the six best mudguards shows.

Crud Catcher

crud catcher

The most famous of all mudguards, and one that has been around since the early days of the sport. It’s changed a lot over the years, but the basic concept remains the same – a piece of plastic zip tied to the down tube. They are easy to fit to just about any bike no matter how large the down tube is, and work well to prevent a reasonable amount of mud and spray from hitting your face. The window of protection is pretty narrow though, and very limited when turning the front wheel. Better than nothing however, and they look good on any bike.


  1. ToeHoe

    The Donkey’s Conkers for keeping the crud off your face at speed. Can now keep my glasses free of mud. Brill purchase.

  2. serge the seal of death

    i have three of those mud guards, guess i ride to much in the winter.
    also know some guys who have had some great after market service from the crud cather guys.

  3. Le tank

    I’ve just fitted the first of these . Ideal for full scottish conditions. Nearly perfect though still a bit of blowback from the front at speed.

  4. Sadoldsamurai

    Have to admit these are the dogs b**locks.
    Nieghbours (wealthy) son has a set on his 29er Norco, with additional fork brackets on his 26″ hardtail he just swops the guard bit from bike to bike. Much much better than the crud catcher and Neoguard combo I’m currenty running.. and goes well with the brmm brmm motorbike noises ;)


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