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Mucky Nutz Bender Fender front mudguard – review

Mucky Nutz Bender Fender front mudguard – review

Mucky Nutz Bender Fender £8.99

A couple of weeks ago the Mucky Nutz Bender Fender arrived on the Bikemagic editorial desk. A small shaped sliver of plastic with a roll of Velcro and instructions for fitting on the back, we were intrigued that something so light and simple would be any good. Well the simple truth is we’ve been blown away with how damn good it has been.

Bender Fender’s are made by a small Sheffield-based company, who we’ll presume were fed up with getting mud and horse shit flung in their eyes and faces by the front wheel of the bike, and set about trying to solve the problem. The solution they’ve come up with is so simple yet effective that we wish we’d thought of it.

It’s about as simple to fit as it gets. A little time with a pair of scissors is required to trim the supplied Velcro roll into five equal lengths, which then feed through slots at the front of the fender and attach to the fork legs and crown. It’s a little fiddly at first to get the fender to stay put while you secure it with the Velcro, but once it place it holds firm.

Its performance is highly impressive. It sits very close to the tyre and is just the right size and shape to stop mud/water/crud/poo being flung up by the tyre into the eyes when you’re blasting down a squelchy trail. As a contact lens wearer this is good news indeed. We’ve found it far more effective than a downtube mounted mudguard, making the Crud Catcher redundant. We’ve since removed it altogether.

The plastic used is very thin and highly flexible, meaning that it’s both light, just 16g, (easily the lightest mudguard for weight weenies reading this) and in the event of a crash it doesn’t snap or break (and we can verify this following a stack recently).


In use it’s the best solution we’ve come across for stopping all that mud being flung into the eyes. It’s also really good looking, in a sleek minimalist style, and in our books is preferable to stretching a bit of inner tube between the forks. Oh, it’s pretty cheap too.

  1. DoctorRad

    Looks like it could be reproduced with some zip ties and a milk carton…

  2. Royston Smith

    Hmmm, 16g – that’s lighter than my current solution, the Rapid Racer Neoguard.

    I think you’ll still get a problem with stuff shooting out the front and up though so might try two back to back.

    1. NoSense

      Been running one of these for a couple of years now, gives the same protection from stuff flying forward as the Neoguard plus provides a bit of extra cover for your fork seals. Fit and forget, it just works, not had any mud in my face since using.

  3. Charlie the bikemonger

    I have to agree with everything in this review as it has been awarded our product of the year 2011.

    “never before in the field of muddy fields has so much been achieved by so little”

    I have had these fitted to our demo bike fleet for several years now. Also use them on the rear to protect a shock on a salsa dos soft tail.

    I find it easier to fit with zip ties. But it is such a simple solution, and looks like an integral part of your fork if you match he colour.

  4. Steve

    How do you buy it nothing on site to be able to buy
    Cheers Steve

  5. Rickon
  6. Nigel H

    Having seen the review for the Bender Fender – it says they use this instead of the Crud Catcher now….. I currently use both and get NOTHING in the face as a result, even when turning the bars, since the Fender Bender turns along with the front-end.

    My Crud Catcher always has lots of gunk stuck on it after a wet ride, so I am intrigued to see if you really can remove it, when using a Fender bender …. won’t all that stuff stuck to the Crud Catcher end up on me instead !!??

    Anyone else tried with just the one yet ??

    I could just try it and see I guess [obviously!!] …. but that would be a pain in the arse if it works less well …. but I shall take your word for it if you’ve tried.

  7. Nigel H
  8. David Arthur

    Using both is the ultimate setup Nigel, nothing can get past that combination!

    I happily rely on the Bender for racing and trail riding and find no mud makes it into my face/eyes

  9. jwest

    initially impressed but then very disappointed since it easily accumulates enough mud to totally jam the front wheel.
    Removing the mud only freed the wheel for a short time b4 the problem repeats.
    Very tedious.
    Does no one else have sticky mud ?
    Removed it on second try & went back to crud thing

    1. Sadoldsamurai

      Have to agree with the comments about sticky mud jamming the wheels..however a couple of (better riders than me) riders say that the way round this is to run thinner tyres on the back to cut through the mud.. rather than trying to ‘float across mud’..which is what causes the the sticking to the tread issues.

  10. Tristan Jones
  11. Mucky Nutz

    The design has changed slightly from the ones reviewed here. The latest ones are longer upfront and at the rear, providing more coverage. You can find out more here: –

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