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Lezyne CNC bottle cage – review

Lezyne CNC Cage – £18.99

We’ll admit that sometimes, it’s nice to leave the hydration pack, stuffed as it always is with tools and other weighty paraphernalia, at home and just hit the trails with a water bottle on the bike.

Lezyne’s range of accessories has since expanded to include this neatly machined water bottle cage. It’s made by CNC machining a lump of aluminium into the  slender and minimalist cage you see in the photo above. The result it a proper low weight of just 39g.

It looks great and does keep bottles securely in place – we’ve never had a bottle eject even on a rough course like the Bontrager Twentyfour12 recently at Newnham Park down in Devon. And that’s about all you ever ask of a bottle cage, right?

Our only gripe is that getting your bottle into the cage in the first place isn’t as easy as it should be. When riding at a gentle pace it’s not a problem, but in the heat of a race when you don’t have time to look down, it can sometimes take a few stabs to get the bottle to line up cleanly and slot into the cage.  This could be easily cured if the wraparound arms flared a little to guide the bottle in.

We’ve been using this cage with a mini-pump from the company’s range, with the supplied mounting bracket fitting seamlessly between the cage and downtube. This setup is perfect for enduro racers and long distances, either instead of a hydration pack or to accompany one, to give a little more water carrying potential.


A simple and elegant bottle cage but it’s expensive and not the easiest to get bottles into.



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