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Knog Wearable LED light updated with new magnet

Knog Wearable LED light updated with new magnet

The latest light from Australian firm Knog is the Boomer Wearable has been given a major update in time for the approaching winter.

Nights are drawing in. Last night I noticed it was properly dark by 8pm. Time to get the lights out for the ride home from the office then, and for those late afternoon rides that creep into the evening.

The new Wearable LED is a truly versatile light. A small curved clip is held in place with four Rare Earth magnets, which combined have a pull strength of 1.8kg. That what means is the light isn’t going to detach from your jacket, backpack or other item of clothing you’ve fitted it to without a struggle.

As well as attaching to a piece of clothing, the light also has an integrated clip to can be used to fit it to a pocket, belt or bag.

We have experienced problems with Knog lights in the past switching on and off over bumpy terrain, but Knog have updated the electrical circuit to eliminate this bug. They’ve also take this chance to revise the compression seal between the two housings so it’s now completely waterproof.

And as for the lights output, it’s extremely bright thanks to a high powered red LED rated to 20 Lumens. And with a burn time of 12 hours on constant and 36 hours on flash mode, it’ll last ages before the batteries need changing. There’s a choice of four modes too, strobe flash, strobe pulse, random strobe and constant.

The new Boomer Wearable’s land in the UK soon, available in six colours – RRP: £20.49


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