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GoPro unveil WiFi-enabled Hero 3 camera

GoPro unveil WiFi-enabled Hero 3 camera

GoPro have unveiled the WiFi-enabled Hero 3 – the world’s first action camera to shoot in 4K video quality.

The Hero 3 is 30 per cent smaller, 25 per cent lighter and, according to GoPro, more than twice as powerful as previous models. The top-of-the-range Hero 3 Black Edition can capture 4K video at 15fps.

The camera can also shoot 2.7K video at 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 1440p at 48fps, 960p at 100 fps and 720p at 120fps, and capture 12 megapixel still photographs at 30 fps.

The Hero 3 is GoPro’s first WiFi-enabled camera, which means you can live stream your images and video using the GoPro app, and the Black Edition camera comes with a WiFi remote, which give you control of up to 50 GoPro Wi-Fi-enabled cameras at up to 600 feet.

The Hero 3 Black Edition will cost $399.99 (UK price TBC).

GoPro have also announced the mid-range Silver Edition ($299.99) and entry-level White Edition ($199.99), which are essentially upgraded versions of the Hero 2 and original Hero respectively.

Both get the same smaller and lighter body as the Black Edition Hero 3, and are Wi-Fi-enabled but don’t come with a Wi-Fi remote (available separately). Both cameras offer 1080p video capture at 30 fps, 960p at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps. The Silver Edition can capture 11MP stills at 10 fps, while the White Edition shoots 5MP photographs at 3 fps.

Hero 3 Black Edition trailer

So what does that all mean? GoPro have released this trailer to show what the Hero 3 Black Edition is capable of. They say it’s shot 100 per cent on the new Hero 3.

  1. BikeDibley

    I don’t want this…I NEED this in my life! Will there be a review?

  2. Textuality

    1080p 60fps… sold. :D

    I hope they’ve improved low light performance too.

    1. BikeDibley

      Me too! All those promo videos you used to see were always filmed in high-light.

  3. Rich

    Impressive improvements, but 4K at 15fps is a total waste of time.

  4. John Stevenson

    BikeDibley- as soon as we can get our hands on one!

    Textuality – they claim so, so your secret boudoir videos should be better too.

    1. Textuality

      Excellent, all I need to do is cover the LED and no-one will ever know!


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