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Freewheel Burning

For a long time, the Kranked series was King of the Vids. But Freewheel Burning (aka New World Disorder III may just change that.

Yes, it’s a freeride video. Yes, the soundtrack is pretty much as you’d expect (although there’s some hip-hop tucked away in there for variety). And while you could argue that there’s nothing much new in the riding, everything’s a whole lot bigger… All the usual freeride suspects are there – Wade Simmons, Richie Schley, Joe Schwartz, Robbie Bourdon, Josh Bender, John Cowan – plus some street trials sections with Ryan Leech and Jeff Lenosky, dirt jumping from Timo Pritzel and even some DH racing with Cedric Gracia, Anne-Caroline Chausson and Steve Peat (although they all appear in a freeride guise too).

As we mentioned, there’s nothing here that you haven’t seen the likes of before, but the scale is definitely in the 15% extra free territory. The biggest dirt jumps we’ve ever seen (the riders are hitting them at about 30mph to clear them), scary big gap jumps, a couple of ridiculous road jumps (including one which looked scary when it appeared in an old Crusty Demons flick being ridden on MX bikes) and a couple of North Shore obstacles that leave you shaking your head in bewilderment.

In amongst it all there’s some great high-speed singletrack helmet-cam footage, coverage of the recent Red Bull Rampage in Utah and all sorts of other stuff. It’s all good stuff, although some sections outstay their welcome – some of the moves are truly gobsmacking, but they don’t get any more impressive from the fifth different angle. But worth a look just for the sheer bigness of it all.

If you want to get a taster, there’s a trailer available to download from

Verdict: The definition of ‘rideable’ goes another notch higher…

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