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cost: Chain lube in dripper bottle 75ml, £3.75

Universal Spray, 400ml, £2.99

Small Bike Lube 150ml, £2.99

Large Bike Lube 250ml, £4.49

Bike Cleaner, £4.75

Bike Cleaner Trigger , 50p

Fork Grease, £4.49

Bearing Grease, £3.99

 from: Raleigh P&A: 01159 420202
RAW: 0131 467 6467

BIKEmagic have got the exclusive on the new products from Makt, and from what we’ve seen so far, they look impressive. We’ve been using their chain lube for a while now, and it still remains one of our favourites. It dries thin, doesn’t attract dirt, yet keeps chains running quietly through muck and grime.

Now there are other products joining the chain lube. A bike cleaner that cuts through the muckiest grime, a universal spray lubricant that goes up against WD40 and GT85, and two new greases — one for your conventional bearings and one for suspension forks.

It’s all available from your local bikeshop.